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Dr. Bruce Lund


90-Day Sales Coaching

Strategic Breakout
Wednesday, April 17th
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Building Mental Toughness

Let's face it, the current market is ever-shifting, and to survive in it, you must be mentally tough. Mental toughness is a measure of individual resilience and confidence. Studies show that mentally tough people are statistically more likely to be emotionally intelligent.


Did you know the #1 indicator of success is emotional intelligence?


During this session, Dr. Bruce will help you identify the skills to build mental toughness among your team through intense, fun, and positive leadership.

Dr. Bruce Lund's Bio

Dr. Bruce has mentored thousands of salespeople and managers all over the world. He earned his PhD in Human Performance at age 29, and was hired as one of the youngest program directors within the Texas A&M System.  


  In 2017, Dr. Bruce launched 90-DaySales Manager, which quickly earned a reputation as a top coaching program for loan officers. The program includes a one-of-a-kind sales accountability software that easily integrates with most mortgage CRMs. Imagine waking up every day knowing who to contact in your database and how.


  As a speaker, Dr. Bruce has spoken on the largest stages in North America and is a repeat speaker at the most-respected organizations and associations in the world. Organizers love his"heart of a teacher" approach to workshops, which consistently rank him in the top 1% of post-event surveys. His content is featured on some of the largest platforms in the world for housing, banking, and finance including Break through Broker with over 600,000 agents, and Million Dollar Round table with over 65,000 advisors worldwide.  


 The next generation of sales training has arrived. His name is Dr. Bruce. 

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