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7-in-7 Session

Grand Ballroom
Thursday, April 21st
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Seven Companies will have seven minutes to share insights, showcase an impactful case study, or display a new product that could improve the industry.

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A New Dawn in Mortgage Technology

Jeff Sykes

Automation should take worries off a lender’s plate, not add to them. The challenges represented by sunsetted – or otherwise outdated – technology, however, can sometimes lead users to question whether any benefit is worth the disruption. Join Black Knight for a discussion on the current mortgage technology landscape, the challenges and opportunities represented by the status quo, and how lenders can win with a culture of continual, iterative technological innovation that adds value throughout the mortgage life cycle.


eRecording in the Digital Age  

Dean Vietri

The shift to digital transactions has occurred over the last several years, but the pandemic has now made technology a necessity.


  • Reduction of operation costs

  • Increased efficiency

  • A positive borrower experience

  • Reliable security and storage 

  • Real-time sharing and accessibility feasibility 

  • New operation standards with longer-term affects, including increased flexibility and migration


The benefits of eRecording:

  • Convenience

  • Speed

  • Transparency

  • Communication

  • Security


FlexClose Funding, The Future of Lending

Nate Clear


How Online Mortgage Lenders Are Stealing Your Customers

Patrick O'Brien

In 2021, made $400 Million in the mortgage industry without originating a single loan. So how did they do it? They monetized the referral of prospective borrowers to online mortgage giants like Rocket Mortgage and This session will explore how these players utilize the “Facebook Pixel,” among other technical signals, to get in front of YOUR customers and what you can do to fight back.

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Alleviating Stress with Appraisals

Jason McMullen

Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) has a vision to fundamentally change the perception of AMCs within our industry. With a commitment to service, accountability, and data-driven decision making, NAN is among the nation's longest tenured and most widely trusted appraisal management companies. Proudly serving the lender and broker community in every county of the United States since 2004, NAN takes a partner-focused, relationship-based approach with its clients and its vast panel of highly skilled appraisers. NAN's unique ability to leverage advanced data and predictive analytics, along with meaningful performance-based appraiser incentives, has allowed them to continually raise the bar on turn times and report quality, attracting many of the nation's top lenders to turn to NAN as their preferred AMC.


  • The value of relationships and direct points of contact rather than anonymous call centers

  • 24/7 point of contact for escalated concerns

  • On-demand fee and turn time quotes

  • Published county level appraisal turn time metrics updated weekly

  • Concierge service with local market appraiser success managers

  • Data-driven appraiser assignments utilizing advanced predictive analytics

  • Next day appraiser payment program to help prioritize your business

  • Early release of preliminary values

  • Meaningful value dispute process with peer-to-peer communication


Give Borrowers What They Want: Data on

What Homebuyers Expect from the Mortgage Experience

Heather Siegel

In this presentation, we’ll explore data from a survey of more than 1,000 recent and future homebuyers to reveal why backend technology is the next frontier for lenders to significantly transform the borrower experience. You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of the borrower mindset and how your team can leverage technology to deliver a seamless mortgage experience. 


Aligning Lenders and Settlement on the Future of Mortgage

Drew Martin

Lenders that offer digital closings must account for e-Eligibility throughout their entire lending process. e-Eligibility—or the factors that impact whether a mortgage closing can be closed digitally—is critical for lenders to get right to ensure a positive borrower experience and avoid negative regulatory consequences.


In this session, we will be focusing on settlement readiness and how lenders can empower settlement agents to be a boon to their digital closing efforts by implementing solutions that are both readily accessible to settlement agents and also intuitive for them to use.

Black Knight
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