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7-in-7 Session

Grand Ballroom
Wednesday, April 17th
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Seven companies will have seven minutes to share insights, showcase an impactful case study, or display a new product that could improve the industry.

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Innovate to Elevate: Non-QM Market Trends in 2024

Eric Olson

"Innovate to Elevate: Non-QM Market Trends in 2024 aims to empower mortgage industry professionals with the knowledge and foresight needed to navigate the evolving landscape of the market. By exploring innovative strategies, technological advancements, and market predictions, participants will be equipped to elevate their practices and stay ahead in this dynamic and competitive market.

Learning Objectives:

  • Setting yourself apart in the Non-QM marketplace

  • Non-QM market opportunity in 2024 and beyond

  • Deep dive into Non-QM Programs

  • Typical Scenarios and Frequently Asked Questions


Mortgage MarketSmart

Bernard Nossuli, COO

Mortgage MarketSmart is iEmergent’s data visualization platform that provides insight into mortgage markets and how they will evolve over time. Mortgage MarketSmart gives lenders the information they need to identify and engage mortgage-ready borrowers in underserved communities. Unlike other intelligence platforms that only incorporate historical data, Mortgage MarketSmart layers historic-, current- and future-focused market intelligence to forecast areas of homebuyer opportunity with incredible accuracy. Maps can be viewed at the macro level or zoomed-in to individual neighborhoods, so lenders can pinpoint precise areas of opportunity in just a few clicks. In just 7 minutes, iEmergent COO Bernard Nossuli will engage MBA Great River audiences with a real-time demonstration, mapping and quantifying pockets of opportunity right here in the Memphis market. 


The New Frontier of Mortgages: Navigating the Shift from Lender Tools to Borrower Experiences

Patrick O'Brien

"The New Frontier of Mortgages" unveils the pivotal shift in mortgage technology from lender-centric tools aimed at efficiency and cost-saving to borrower-focused digital experiences that meet modern expectations. We’ll highlight the evolution driven by consumer demand, tech advancements, and market shifts, showcasing how lenders are transforming to provide seamless, digital-first services.

Strategic Tech Planning: Building for the Highs and Lows

Alayna Gardner

With staffing levels at their lowest in years, Lenders must embrace strategic tech planning to safeguard jobs for the future. This session explores the critical intersection of technology and workforce management, shedding light on how proactive planning can help organizations adapt and thrive in the face of staffing challenges.


3 steps to successfully working with agent data

Carol Burke

What attendees will get out of this:

  • Learn how and where to find what agent data matters

  • Understand how to interpret this data, why it is important, and how you can use it

  • Clear steps to take action and automate relevant outreach to agents to stimulate conversations


Trade Assistant: Less Guesswork, More Pick-Up

Brad Eskridge

There’s no room for guesswork when you’re trying to squeeze every basis point possible out of every loan. Learn how Trade Assistant, a tool within Optimal Blue’s CompassEdge platform, adds next-level precision, accuracy, and speed to your hedging process. 


In 7 minutes, we’ll showcase how Trade Assistant takes care of the heavy lifting. This includes helping you:


  • Factor daily activity forecasts and historical data into hedging decisions with projections functionality

  • Balance out your position with recommended trades that account for tolerances and specified coupons or settlement months

  • Trade confidently with calculations that factor in both current and projected activity for a given day


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how your hedging process can be all but foolproof with Trade Assistant.


LoanSense helps lenders pull through 15-35 more loans a week.


We perform a systematic pipeline review and trigger alerts to the assigned loan officers when their clients can reduce their student loan and debt-to-income ratio.  As a result, clients can afford $50,000 to $80,000 more home, in 21 days. 


Yes, LoanSense is Freddie, Fannie, FHA and VA guideline compliant. Additionally, LoanSense helps depositories turn portfolio loans into sellable conventional loans and better meet CRA lending and fair lending requirements.  


AK, MO, MS, and TN are AMAZING markets because $50-80K more home goes a long way to improve affordability for lender clients. 


LoanSense is used by loan officers from over 100 IMBs, including the largest brands like Prime Lending and Prosperity and now expanding into depositories and credit unions.  

Angel Oak
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