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7-in-7 Session

Grand Ballroom
Wednesday, April 5th
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Seven companies will have seven minutes to share insights, showcase an impactful case study, or display a new product that could improve the industry.

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Using Social Media to Reach the Next Generation Homebuyers

Ally Carty

ActiveComply will showcase first-hand market research on Gen-Z/Millenials and offer advice on how to generate interest among those prospective borrowers through social media. If you have contemplated the power of TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media platforms, this session will bring some insight. You may not encourage your employees to use social media today, but you might change your mind after listening to the ActiveComply team.  

2023 Mortgage Marketing Mastery: Surefire’s Blueprints for Success

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Kyle Acheson and David Farr

The marketing strategies needed to generate leads and close deals in 2023 are dramatically different from the best practices of one year ago. Fortunately, Surefire by Black Knight equips mortgage lenders with omnichannel marketing workflows and award-winning content that is proven to perform in today’s market. In this session, attendees will see how Surefire’s Blueprints for Success make it easy for lenders to automate engaging lead gen, nurture, retention and referral partner marketing campaigns that keep pipelines moving in a higher-interest purchase market.

Flip the Script on DPA

Sean Moss

Leveraging data and other insights, Down Payment Resource will illustrate the growing awareness of down payment programs among consumers and discuss how lenders can and must acknowledge the need for DPA and prepare to fulfill the demand for DPA in order to grow their purchase pipeline and help more home searchers become home buyers. We’ll shift the mindset from “DPAs are cumbersome loss leaders” to “we’re growing our business and earning more referrals by championing DPA programs”!

Winning the Mortgage Lead Conversion Game

Patrick O'Brien

Nothing is worse than finding out a client has chosen to finance with someone else after your team has invested time and money into their homebuying journey. Whether a Realtor steered them in a different direction, their neighbor recommended a different lender, or a cheaper interest rate won them over… it's a common issue local lenders face, and it directly impacts pull-through rates. So what are successful lending leaders doing to win the mortgage lead conversion game? They're adopting technology and strategies that keep clients engaged in their ecosystem at the most critical points of conversion. In this session, we'll look at the mortgage lead funnel, discuss how to identify leaks at each stage, and highlight the strategies lenders can take and tech they can integrate to improve conversions and close more loans. 

Don’t Buy Your Expertise - Rent It

Alayna Gardner

LodeStar will dive into the business value they have obtained by using independent contractors to advise on projects and the value lenders can receive by outsourcing specialty projects to vendors and contractors. 


Colleen Flynn

Colleen Flynn is a Capital Markets Solutions Specialist at Black Knight with over 25 years of service in a variety of roles within the mortgage industry including originations, operations, correspondent lending and secondary services. In her role within Black Knight’s Secondary Marketing Technologies group, Colleen supports the Optimal Blue Secondary Services and CompassPoint suites of solutions by providing lenders with the education, consultation and customized solutions for their hedging and pipeline risk management strategies and needs to grow their business.

Growing Referral Relationships

Dew Tinnin

In only twelve weeks, a dozen loan officers at a Texas-based mortgage company received 119 additional leads resulting in 37 added closings—all from 44 realtors who had never sent them business before. How did they do it?


Dew Tinnin, head coach and CEO at Skillway, breaks down their structured, 12-week program for getting new deals from new referral partners.

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