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Opportunity Creators –
Winning More Referrals by
Expanding on Ordinary Occasions

Sales Track
Wednesday, April 5th
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

In sales, the pull from "opportunity creator" to "order taker" is real and happens to the best of us. In today's market of low inventory and high interest rates, it's imperative to sharpen our focus, re-prioritize our calendars and look for opportunities our competitors are missing! Leadership and sales trainer, Tim Hooper is joining us to share 6 practical ideas to connect with your past and potential customers to grow new business and scale long term! Learn to leverage the creativity tough times produce and take your influence and impact to the next level!

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Tim Hooper
WFG National Title

Opportunity Creators

Tim Hopper.jpg

Tim Hooper

SVP for Mid-Atlantic Agency

WFG National Title


Serving as WFG National Title’s SVP for Mid-Atlantic Agency, Tim Hooper trains teams throughout the real estate industry on topics like energizing your sales, marketing that matters & the attitude of leadership. He holds a degree in mass communication/public relations from Middle Tennessee State University, is a John Maxwell certified coach, host of the Energy4Sales podcast, and four-time author of the Got Energy? series. When Tim’s not coaching, he’s spending time with his four kiddos and lovely wife Jennifer while pursuing his quest to run a marathon for charity in every state. He resides in Central Virginia.

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