Sam Glenn

Speaker, Author, & Artist

Sam Glenn Inc.

August 18 | 8:15 am - 9:15 am

Positively Unforgettable

Have you ever thought about what makes you unforgettable as a person?


Can you think of someone that changed your life in a positively unforgettable way?  What about a service experience that was so good, you keep telling everyone about it?

What makes us unforgettable as a person, a 

The Principles:

Positively Unforgettable principles are the guiding values and key performance indicators that achieve the most consistent results. These "unforgettables" lead our daily choices, behaviors, and attitude in the best possible direction. They are what make us unforgettable in life, work, leadership and business.


Some unforgettable principles that contribute to making life and a workplace culture unforgettable also include:

  1. Trust

  2. Attitude

  3. Safety

  4. Drive

  5. Respect

  6. Purpose

  7. Enthusiasm

  8. Creativity

To be unforgettable in life, work and business, it’s important that we clearly understand what our “unforgettables” are and practice them daily in both our personal and professional lives.

Sam's Bio

For nearly three decades, Sam Glenn’s inspirational and artistic speeches have impacted audiences of all sizes - some audiences as large as 75,000 people at stadium events. Sam has spoken for just about every industry you can imagine. When it comes to attitude - nobody is excluded.  Organizations get better when their people get better and it all starts with attitude. Attitude is the driver of everything and Sam knows exactly how to recharge and rekindle that positive spark that empowers leaders to give, do and be their best.   


Things weren’t always so picture perfect for Sam. At one time he was homeless, depressed, defeated and negative.  It was a chance encounter at a buffet, where Sam accidentally knocked over the legendary Zig Ziglar.  This led to a positive friendship between the two and with Zig’s encouragement, Sam got his life pointed in a better direction.  


Today Sam Glenn is one of the most recognized and trusted keynote motivational speakers in the speaking industry.  He is most notably sought after for his captivating kick off and wrap up general session speeches.  Sam’s award-winning speeches set a positive and energetic tone that gets audiences engaged and ready to learn, grow and have fun.  Audiences gravitate to his humor, relate to his stories and embrace his relevant ideas for improving their personal and professional life.


Sam Glenn has been honored by being named Speaker of the Year on several occasions by meeting and event organizations and won two national awards for his training videos.  He is the author of more than 30 books based on his research.  Hundreds of organizations use Sam’s videos – weekly to kick off their staff meetings and cultivate positivity in the workplace.  Sam’s Motivated by Art © Training has become the new buzz in creating engagement in the workplace. Not only does his creative art bring energy to the walls in any workplace, but the art is used for training purpose to enrich the quality of personal and professional performance.  


What makes Sam different than most is he works hard to customize not only a great talk, but something unforgettable that sticks and groups retain for a very long time.  We tend to forget things quickly and that is why Sam’s speech is positively unforgettable. Sam weaves his very uplifting story into his topics, which revolve around attitude, empowerment, leadership, peak performance, employee engagement, transformation, customer service and teamwork.  Sam Glenn is an expert at igniting personal and professional positivity.  


Sam’s most rewarding title in life is being called Dad by his three kids and husband by his super awesome wife.  They currently reside in Indianapolis.  However, Sam is originally from Minnesota.  

team or culture is when we choose to live and act out our “unforgettables”.  

What are your unforgettbles?  What fills your time and space with a story that impacts others?

For example, if I spent just one day or even one hour in your workplace, what unforgettables would I want to share with the world?   Would I tell others, “This place and these people are incredible!”  Or would I say, “Thank God, I don’t work there!” Think about it.   

The “unforgettables” we implement are what create the stories that others remember.  Are creating stories that matter and make a difference important to you?

The most memorable factor in business, work and life are the stories we create through the unforgettbles that guide us. 

In an information overload culture, the little things often times are lost or easily forgotten and the impact of those forgotten principles can negatively impact nearly every aspect of both personal and professional lives. Forgetting one time may not create a noticeable impact but when these crucial principles are constantly over looked employee retention goes down, customer satisfaction and retention plummets, and the day to day employee culture suffers. A refresher and reminder of life's positive unforgettables keeps what is important front of mind and reinvigorates an organizations culture in the most positive way.