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Non-QM in Action

Venetian Room
Strategic Track

Thursday, April 21st
10:30 am - 11:30 am

The mortgage market is going through a transition that could make business growth more difficult in 2022. Agency business is shrinking, refinance volume is declining and rates are on the rise. What can help replace the lost business? Non-QM.

The forecast for non-QM is upwards of $80 billion in 2022 – serving underserved markets like this will help you continue to grow your business and increase your volume. Get up to speed and learn as you close non-QM volume now. This presentation explains how!


Presented by Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, you will learn:

  • Why non-QM is in demand in today’s market

  • Details on the types of non-QM programs

  • The borrower profiles for each program

  • Common scenarios and questions

  • How to close more loans using non-QM

  • Where to find non-QM borrowers

Larry Mize - Headshot.jpg
Larry Mize
Regional VP of Sales

Non-QM in Action

Larry Mize - Headshot.jpg

Larry Mize

Regional VP of Sales

Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions

Larry Mize, Regional VP of Sales here at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, is an expert and reliable consultant supporting brokers and correspondents. 


Larry has 20+ years of success in finance and real estate starting in subprime in the mid 90’s. Larry worked at SouthStar Funding in 2000 until 2005.  He then went into retail/wholesale with Peoples Home Equity and, starting from the ground level, helped them grow from less than $10 million to over $350 million a month as Vice President/Director of Solutions. His expertise in retail, wholesale mortgage sales and operations, conventional, and non-prime lending has helped Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions set the standard as the leader in non-QM alternative lending. His team has helped a significant number of underserved borrowers become homeowners under his leadership. 


He is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service, top-ranked leadership, and innovative products that sets us apart in the industry.

Larry Mz
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