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Fraud Prevention: What to look Out For

Hernando Desoto Room
Operational Track

Friday, April 22nd
10:30 am - 11:30 am

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Utilizing two civil lawsuits that ultimately led to convictions, watch the dissection of a mortgage fraud plot unfold while working through the investigation and ultimate remediation. The first case study focuses on identity theft, money laundering, and real property with a single bad actor; whereas, the second case exposes the facts that ultimately lead to one of the largest bank closures in American history.


What Will We Learn from these 2 Case Studies? 

1. Fraud from many: Grandmother (Horse Play) and CEO (TBW)

2. Fraud in many forms: Fraud for individual profit and fraud for business profit 

3. Fraud with many focuses: Targeted identity theft and institutional/historic fraud 


Fraud During COVID /Recent Trends: 

• Historic Orig /Refi 

• Internal controls stressed due to volume 

• NonQM /Jumbo • Radical appreciation but don’t have the same safeguards as QM 

• Hot Spots 

• Traditional with CA/FL but decreased docs on 2nd homes nationwide

Maddox Robert Headshot.jpg
Robert Maddox

Fraud Protection

Maddox Robert Headshot.jpg

Robert Maddox



In the past decade, Robert Maddox handled more national/multi-state state attorneys general investigations and related consent judgments than any attorney in the United States.

His work involves representing clients before the CFPB, DOJ, EOUST, OCC, FRB, HUD, SEC and multiple state regulatory agencies, including banking, finance and insurance agencies.

With Bradley’s national competitive fee advantage, he continued the firm’s representation post-consent judgment on most matters to handle redress of business systems, internal and external reporting, and account remediation – and still provides board training, compliance, and litigation representation to many of those same clients.

Robert stands behind his work product and advice and supports clients through challenging times and then celebrates their business successes.

Click here to read more about Robert Maddox.


Robert Maddox
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