Get on the Non-QM Train

Before It's Too Late



  • What exactly is non-QM?

  • Why should you care about non-QM? (including an explanation of the QM Patch)

  • What do typical non-QM borrowers/products look like?

  • How technology is making non-QM easier to close

  • What to expect from brokering a loan

  • What can you do to grow your non-QM business?

  • What to look for in a partner?

Alternative lending is the fastest growing segment of the mortgage industry – come learn why it’s imperative to get involved today. By offering non-agency/non-QM products, lenders can break into an untapped market, increase their reach and help millions of underserved American homebuyers find a mortgage that fits their needs – ultimately growing their business. This information packed session presented by Larry Mize, VP of Sales for Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions will teach you:

Larry Mize
Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions

Get on the Non-QM Train Before It's Too Late

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Larry Mize's Bio

Regional VP of Sales

Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions


Larry Mize is a Regional Vice President of Sales at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions managing 15 states in the Central Region. Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions is a wholesale and correspondent lender leading the non-QM space for over five years and licensed in 44 states.  

Starting with Angel Oak in 2013, Larry has 20 plus years of success in finance and real estate starting in subprime in the mid 90’s. Larry worked at SouthStar Funding in 2000 until 2005 and then went into retail/wholesale with Peoples Home Equity.  Starting from the ground level he helped them grow from less than $10 million to over $350 million a month as Vice President/Director of Solutions. His expertise in retail, wholesale mortgage sales and operations, conventional, and non-prime lending has helped Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions set the standard as the leader in Non-QM alternative lending. His team has helped a significant number of underserved borrowers become homeowners under his leadership.

Larry is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service, top-ranked leadership, and innovative products that sets them apart in the industry.