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Kristin Messerli

Vice President of Mortgage Sales

August 19th | 8:15am - 9:30am

NextGen Sales in a New Era of Customer Experience


In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Millennial homebuying skyrocketed, and 2021 is expected to have higher sales than any year since 2006. To capture today’s homebuyers, lenders must understand their customers’ pain points and priorities in customer experience. In this session, led by

NextGen homebuying expert, Kristin Messerli, participants will learn:

  • NextGen preferences and challenges in the homebuying process

  • The digital shift in customer experience

  • How to optimize communication to retain leads and happy customers

If you can’t attend the Brunch and Learn keynote on Thursday, you can still interact with Kristin Messerli from Book your 15-minute session with her today in the Ben Hollander room on Wednesday!  Click to RSVP.

Kristin's Bio

Kristin Messerli is a leading strategist and keynote speaker on the NextGen homebuyer experience, and she is passionate about amplifying the voice of today’s consumers. As the VP of Financial Services at, Kristin works with hundreds of lenders to collect and analyze customer voices to build brands, generate referrals and improve customer experience.


Prior to, Kristin founded a marketing consulting firm, Cultural Outreach, with the mission to help financial institutions bridge the gap in connecting with today’s consumers. She sold her company in 2020 after consulting for over 50 financial institutions and fintech startups. Kristin has spoken at hundreds of conferences,including the Mortgage Bankers Association, Digital Mortgage, and Harvard Business School, and she has surveyed thousands of NextGen homebuyers. Kristin produced and co-authored the 2020 NextGen Homebuyer Report and is a regular contributor for HousingWire.