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Dr. Samuel Jones, CSP

Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach

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Grand Ballroom
Tuesday, April 4th 
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Redefine: Leadership in Times of Turbulence, Trouble & Turmoil

Burnout and stress are at all-time highs across all professions because we live and work in rapidly changing times and struggle with how to respond. Consequently, people have lost their power to be motivated and productive, which creates the desire for ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘quiet firing.’ Additionally, a lack of trust and increased self-doubt limits one's ability to thrive, leading to disengaged performance. In this session, Dr. Jones will help participants to REDEFINE for the sake of reconnecting to the purpose, colleagues, and mission of their organization through transformational leadership, resulting in MORE creativity, MORE resistance to stress, and MORE flexibility. 


Participants will learn:

  • three factors affecting the relationship between transformational leadership and exceptional performance

  • the difference between the behaviors that cause stress and the behaviors that conquer stress

  • seven ways leaders REDEFINE and thrive in times of turbulence, trouble, and turmoil

Dr. Samuel Jones' Bio

Dr. Samuel Jones, CSP is a highly sought-after professional speaker, success coach, author, and award-winning entrepreneur from Mississippi. As the CEO of Transform Now, Inc., his goal is to help leaders to TRANSFORM through CHANGE. With more than two decades of experience, he knows how to help clients reconnect to their true identity, adapt to the uncertainty within their environment, and maximize their influence for better results and a better life. He recognizes when leaders suffer from resistance to change, and he inspires them to invest in new methods for improved results.

Clients appreciate Dr. Jones’ ability to:

  • listen with empathy and excitement which prompts insights for a new path

  • challenge leaders to take personal responsibility for their desired success

  • integrate information and expectations with inspiration and purposeful engagement

  • encourage leaders to change their beliefs about the people they are leading

  • inspire leaders to use their position and power to make people matter


Dr. Jones is also assistant to the president for leadership training at Jones College in Ellisville, MS, coach & facilitator at Engaged Leadership and the Blue Hen Agency, and the Sunday school superintendent and associate pastor at Peace & Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church in Richton, MS. More importantly, he is married to the former Sarah Clark of Richton, MS.

Dr. Jones holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising and a master’s degree in public relations from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Ph.D. in educational leadership from Mississippi State University. He’s been recognized as a top entrepreneur by the Mississippi Business Journal, earned the Certified Speaking Professional® (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association, and he is a certified success coach with Jack Canfield’s Success Principles. He resides in Ellisville, MS.

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