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Decoding the Mortgage FICO Score

Continental Ballroom
Sales Track
Friday, April 22nd
10:30 am - 11:30 am

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  • Expected impact of the July 1st change in bureau reporting of paid medical debt.

  • How can technology eliminate the need to worry about scorecards?

  • Is it true that paying off a charged-off account can hurt the score? 

  • How can the score drop, over time, if no new negative information is reported? 

  • What, exactly, does it take to have a mortgage credit score?

  • How does the score consider disputed accounts and why are there so many different dispute comments?

  • Is rental information considered by the score?

  • How do comments like “forbearance” and “impacted by declared or natural disaster”impact the score?

  • Can Experian’s Boost Program help your borrower?

Rosa Mumm Headshot.jpg
Rosa Mumm

Decoding the Mortgage FICO Score

Rosa Mumm Headshot.jpg

Rosa Mumm

VP of Score Optimization


After 14 years on the product development team at CreditXpert (provider of industry leading credit simulation tools), Rosa joined the market-leading provider of credit data and mortgage related origination solutions, Xactus (formerly UniversalCIS). She is now in the unique position to apply her industry knowledge in mortgage credit scores and score simulation technology directly to mortgage originators. She is now one step closer to the ultimate benefactors of that technology: the consumer who is seeking the best mortgage and the loan originator who hopes to provide it.

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