How to Build a Corporate Social Media Strategy

Social media is one of the most valuable touch-points you have with your customers and prospects. And a sound social media strategy is vital for anyone looking to increase business. This presentation is designed to help better understand the value of building out a positive digital footprint through social media.


You will gain the information, insights, and strategies you need to successfully engage your target audience:


  • Understanding your audiences and their social media consumption habits  

  • Discovering what big data & website behavior analysis reveals

  • Solid content strategies for engagement

  • Key social media opportunities on multiple platforms

  • Ensuring compliance needs are met

Andrea Kozek


Social Media

Digital Marketing Strategist



Andrea Kozek is a Digital Marketing Program Strategist at MGIC and works within the company to develop and execute the company’s digital and social media marketing strategies. She has worked with global organizations to launch and implement social media and digital marketing campaigns, designing playbooks, training programs, and analytic tracking to measure success. Andrea has extensive digital training and education, including certifications from Google, Bing, Facebook, and Acquisio. 


She has more than 17 years of experience in integrated marketing, including working with field staff and customers on how to connect and communicate with their audiences. 


A Michigan native, Andrea holds a bachelor’s degree in professional communications, business marketing and global studies from Alverno College and resides in Milwaukee, Wisc.

Andrea Kozek's Bio